Summer Registration Is Now Open!!!

Summer Registration

Summer registration is open! Our class sizes will continue to stay limited so I encourage all families to sign up as soon as you can. We are looking forward to all the exciting classes and camps. You can register via your parent portal or online

If you want a recommendation on what your dancer should take please reach out to any of your dancer’s teachers or myself.

Showcase Info.

Showcase is happening Feb 20th and taking place at South View Middle School #1, 4725 South View Ln, Edina, MN 55424, USA (map). Below are your dancers arrival, stage, and dismissal times.

3:30 PM3:40 PM3:50 – 4:00 PMWest PT Juniors G1 
3:50 PM4:00 PM4:10 – 4:20 PMWest PT Juniors G2
4:10 PM4:20 PM4:30 – 4:40 PMWest PT West Petites

Dancers need to arrive in full makeup, hair, and costumes, you will not have time to do it when at the venue. Video/pictures for hair & makeup are below. Do not bring food or drink during this performance. Please also try to bring small bags to carry dancer’s belongs. Our PT backpack, or black drawstring bag are excellent options to carry poms in. All family members and dancers will need to be in masks during the performance, it is not our rules but the venues. We must abide by it. 

UPDATE: Dancers will be given a black Platinum Dance mask. This will be theirs to keep and will be worn at every performance. Masks cost $10 and your account will be charged Feb 1st. Some families already have this black Black platinum mask. If you already have this mask and do not need another one please send me an email, so I can make sure you don’t get charged!

Hair Video: All dancers need to be in a low bun. Hair pieces should be the last thing that goes on.

Makeup Picture:

A performance fee of $25 dollars was posted to each of your accounts last week and this is per each dancer in PT. This is your entrance fee for showcase. Each Platinum family is allowed to bring up to 6 people, we ask to please keep those 6 people to immediate family members only. Once you enter the auditorium one of our platinum staff members will direct your family to their socially distanced seats. Please stay in those seats for the entire 10 minutes. During the performance you will be allowed to take videos and pictures of your dancer. We will also have a professional photographer at the venue too. You will receive accesses to those photos a week after the performance. Once your dancer’s show is over we will have you exit through the opposite doors to make sure their is no cross over of those entering and exiting. Dancers will meet you outside the auditorium. If you have dancers that are back to back we ask that your group please exits the auditorium and repeats the process of entering.

We are looking forward to the performance! 


– Showcase Performance: February 20

– DX Majestic Competition Performance: April 14 – 18 (exact date & times will be announced closer to these dates) – Save ALL of these dates until the competition notifies us of our exact performance date & time.

– Performance in the Park: April (exact date/time will be announced soon)

 Spring Recital: May 3 – 8

– Valleyfair Performance: Date TBD (tentative – will be in the summer: May/June)

More specific details about all performances will be sent out as we have them. Please note that ALL Performance Teams (Petites & Juniors) will be performing at ALL of the performance dates listed above.


Welcome Video –
Welcome Packet –*NOTE some of the fees are subject to change*
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