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Summer COMPETITION Dance 2023

Our Summer Competition Program consists of Audition Prep Weeks, Auditions and Technique Weeks.
Use your dancers rising grade level for the 2023-24 School Year to determine which age level to attend.

~ No deposits & no cancellation fee, as payment is not due until the 1st Day of Camp.
~ We offer a 5% discount for siblings and multi-classes on ALL Summer programming!


A technique week expanding current dancers skills, as well as preparing new dancers for the upcoming audition. Dancers will perfect skills needed for auditions & the upcoming season.


2023-24 Comp Auditions is a new one week format! Dancers learn across the floor, skills and choreography (M-W) and then perform for a panel of judges on the last day of camp! Solo/Duo/Trio (SDT) auditions are also during audition week & are a separate sign-up. 


A chance for dancers prepare for the upcoming season & continue their dance training all summer long! Technique Week will focus on ballet, jazz and tap (5th grade & under) technique.


Comp Camp is required for all 23-24 Competition Dancers, as they learn their routines for the upcoming season! Please mark your calendars:
August 7 – 11 (PreK – 5th grade)
August 14 – 18 (6th Grade +)

Pre-K – 1st Grade

RegisterClassDaysTimesClass StartsClass Ends
15680520Audition Prep Week 1 (PREK-1st) - $144RegisterAudition Prep Week 1 (PREK-1st) - $144Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu9:00am-11:00am06/26/2306/29/23
15693625Audition Prep Week 2 (PREK-1st) - $144RegisterAudition Prep Week 2 (PREK-1st) - $144Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu9:00am-11:00am07/10/2307/13/23
15680530Auditions (PREK-1st) - $144RegisterAuditions (PREK-1st) - $144Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu4:30pm-6:30pm07/17/2307/20/23
15712658Solo/Duo/Trio Auditions (K - 1st Grade)RegisterSolo/Duo/Trio Auditions (K - 1st Grade)Wed6:30pm-7:00pm07/19/2307/19/23
15680537Technique Week (PREK-1st) - $144RegisterTechnique Week (PREK-1st) - $144Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu4:30pm-6:30pm07/31/2308/03/23
15680546Comp Camp (PREK-1st)RegisterComp Camp (PREK-1st)Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri9:00am-11:00am08/07/2308/11/23

2nd – 3rd Grade

RegisterClassDaysTimesClass StartsClass Ends
15680556Audition Prep Week 1 (2nd-3rd Grade) - $180RegisterAudition Prep Week 1 (2nd-3rd Grade) - $180Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu9:00am-11:30am06/26/2306/29/23
15693644Audition Prep Week 2 (2nd-3rd Grade) - $180RegisterAudition Prep Week 2 (2nd-3rd Grade) - $180Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu9:00am-11:30am07/10/2307/13/23
15680565Auditions (2nd-3rd Grade) - $180 RegisterAuditions (2nd-3rd Grade) - $180 Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu4:30pm-7:00pm07/17/2307/20/23
15712667Solo/Duo/Trio Auditions (2nd - 3rd Grade)RegisterSolo/Duo/Trio Auditions (2nd - 3rd Grade)Wed7:30pm-8:30pm07/19/2307/19/23
15680573Technique Week (2nd-3rd Grade) - $180RegisterTechnique Week (2nd-3rd Grade) - $180Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu4:30pm-7:00pm07/31/2308/03/23
15680577Comp Camp (2nd-3rd Grade)RegisterComp Camp (2nd-3rd Grade)Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri9:00am-11:30am08/07/2308/11/23

4th – 5th Grade

RegisterClassDaysTimesClass StartsClass Ends
15693522Audition Prep Week 1 (4th-5th Grade) - $180RegisterAudition Prep Week 1 (4th-5th Grade) - $180Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu4:45pm-7:15pm06/05/2306/08/23
15693591Audition Prep Week 2 (4th-5th Grade) - $180RegisterAudition Prep Week 2 (4th-5th Grade) - $180Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu4:45pm-7:15pm06/12/2306/15/23
15680595Auditions (4th-5th Grade) - $216RegisterAuditions (4th-5th Grade) - $216Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu9:00am-12:00pm06/19/2306/22/23
15712668Solo/Duo/Trio Auditions (4th - 5th Grade)RegisterSolo/Duo/Trio Auditions (4th - 5th Grade)Wed1:30pm-3:00pm06/21/2306/21/23
15680633Technique Week 1 (4th-5th Grade) - $252RegisterTechnique Week 1 (4th-5th Grade) - $252Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu9:00am-12:30pm07/17/2307/20/23
15680927Technique Week 2 (4th-5th Grade) - $252RegisterTechnique Week 2 (4th-5th Grade) - $252Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu4:30pm-8:00pm07/24/2307/27/23
15680929Technique Week 3 (4th-5th Grade) - $252RegisterTechnique Week 3 (4th-5th Grade) - $252Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu9:00am-12:30pm07/31/2308/03/23
15680932Comp Camp (4th-5th Grade)RegisterComp Camp (4th-5th Grade)Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu-08/07/2308/11/23

6th Grade & up

RegisterClassDaysTimesClass StartsClass Ends
15693532Audition Prep Week 1 (6th Grade +) - $180RegisterAudition Prep Week 1 (6th Grade +) - $180Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu5:15pm-7:45pm06/05/2306/08/23
15680937Audition Prep Week 2 (6th Grade +) - $180RegisterAudition Prep Week 2 (6th Grade +) - $180Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu5:15pm-7:45pm06/12/2306/15/23
15680953Auditions (6th Grade +) - $216RegisterAuditions (6th Grade +) - $216Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu9:00am-12:00pm06/19/2306/22/23
15712671Solo/Duo/Trio Auditions (6th Grade +)RegisterSolo/Duo/Trio Auditions (6th Grade +)Wed1:30pm-3:00pm06/21/2306/21/23
15680957Technique Week 1 (6th Grade +) - $288RegisterTechnique Week 1 (6th Grade +) - $288Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu9:00am-1:30pm07/17/2307/20/23
15680963Technique Week 2 (6th Grade +) - $288RegisterTechnique Week 2 (6th Grade +) - $288Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu4:30pm-9:00pm07/24/2307/27/23
15680965Technique Week 3 (6th Grade +) - $288RegisterTechnique Week 3 (6th Grade +) - $288Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu9:00am-1:30pm07/31/2308/03/23
15681655Comp Camp (6th Grade +)RegisterComp Camp (6th Grade +)Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu-08/14/2308/18/23

Nutcracker 2023

Our annual Nutcracker is held in December and all dancers ages 5+ can participate!  Our Competition Nutcracker Intensive is August 28 – September 1st. Registration coming soon.