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Competition Prep Classes (Edina)

May 18, 20, 25, 27

Are you interested in one of our competition teams for the upcoming season?! These prep classes are a MUST for any new dancer who plans to audition. Learn from our competition instructors the proper technique and expectations of a comp dancer. These 4 classes are held Tuesday & Thursday evenings in May (May 18, 20, 25, 27). Register for the appropriate age below.

RegisterClassDaysTimesClass StartsClass EndsTuition
12412405Competition Prep Classes (Ages 6-8)RegisterCompetition Prep Classes (Ages 6-8)Tue, Thu5:00pm-6:15pm05/18/2105/27/2185.00
12412407Competition Prep Classes (Ages 9-12)RegisterCompetition Prep Classes (Ages 9-12)Tue, Thu6:15pm-7:30pm05/18/2105/27/2185.00

Small Group Training (Edina)

May 10 - June 30

Our Small Group training is focused on making sure dancers are put into smaller classes to allow for more one on one attention. This summer training is a great way to work on and improve techniques of all styles and is personalized to each group’s level and goals for summer and fall dance.   >  SIGN-UP HERE


Stretch & Improv (Edina)

June 1 - 2 (5:00 - 7:00 pm)

Exciting news! We expanded our Stretch and Improv Clinic to TWO days! Instructors will be leading dancers through safe and effective stretches they can continue to do at home all summer long. Dancers will also get to work on improv technique to find movement quality, musicality and confidence in this style. This clinic is a great summer starter for training!

RegisterClassDaysTimesClass StartsClass EndsTuition
12380484Stretch & Improv Clinic (Ages 8+)RegisterStretch & Improv Clinic (Ages 8+)Tue, Wed5:00pm-7:00pm06/01/2106/02/2164.00

Audition Classes (Edina)

June 7 - 17

Auditions consist of 2 weeks of Audition Classes followed by a formal audition. Dancers focus on technique during the 2 weeks of class, ending with choreography. They will use that choreography for the actual audition. We highly recommend both audition weeks to prep. Dancers who attend both weeks of audition classes receive 25% off their second week of audition classes. Please register for each week separately below. Space is limited.

RegisterClassDaysTimesClass StartsClass EndsTuition
12394955Audition Classes (Ages 12+): June 14-17RegisterAudition Classes (Ages 12+): June 14-17Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu6:30pm-8:30pm06/14/2106/17/21128.00
12394954Audition Classes (Ages 12+): June 7-10RegisterAudition Classes (Ages 12+): June 7-10Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu6:30pm-8:30pm06/07/2106/10/21128.00
12394949Audition Classes (Ages 5-6): June 14-17RegisterAudition Classes (Ages 5-6): June 14-17Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu3:30pm-4:45pm06/14/2106/17/2180.00
12380592Audition Classes (Ages 5-6): June 7-10RegisterAudition Classes (Ages 5-6): June 7-10Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu3:30pm-4:45pm06/07/2106/10/2180.00
12394951Audition Classes (Ages 7-8): June 14-17RegisterAudition Classes (Ages 7-8): June 14-17Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu4:45pm-6:30pm06/14/2106/17/2196.00
12394950Audition Classes (Ages 7-8): June 7-10RegisterAudition Classes (Ages 7-8): June 7-10Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu4:45pm-6:30pm06/07/2106/10/2196.00
12394952Audition Classes (Ages 9-11): June 14-17RegisterAudition Classes (Ages 9-11): June 14-17Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu6:30pm-8:30pm06/14/2106/17/21128.00
12394953Audition Classes (Ages 9-11): June 7-10RegisterAudition Classes (Ages 9-11): June 7-10Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu6:30pm-8:30pm06/07/2106/10/21128.00

Pointe Program (Edina)

June 14 - Aug 4

Mondays & Wednesdays | June 14, 16, 28, 30July 12, 14, 26, 28August 2, 4

Summer 2021 Pointe Flyer

Email Miss Tafat for placement & registration.

RegisterClassDaysTimesClass StartsClass EndsTuition
12474780Pointe AdvancedRegisterPointe AdvancedMon, Wed1:30pm-2:45pm06/14/2108/04/21150.00
12474791Pointe Beginner/IntermediateWait ListPointe Beginner/IntermediateMon, Wed2:45pm-3:45pm06/14/2108/04/21150.00
12474796Pointe PrepRegisterPointe PrepMon, Wed3:45pm-4:30pm06/14/2108/04/21120.00

Auditions (Edina)

June 21 - 24

In the formal auditions, dancers will demonstrate the skill combinations and perform the choreography they learned in audition classes for a panel of judges. If your dancer is interested in doing a Solo/Duo/Trio (SDT), Small Group (SG), or Company (ages 9+) they must attend the separate auditions.

RegisterClassDaysTimesClass StartsClass EndsTuition
12380494Auditions: SDT (June 10)RegisterAuditions: SDT (June 10)Thu2:00pm-3:00pm06/10/2106/10/2120.00
12380499Auditions: SDT (June 17)RegisterAuditions: SDT (June 17)Thu2:00pm-3:00pm06/17/2106/17/2120.00
12380539Auditions (Ages 5-6)RegisterAuditions (Ages 5-6)Mon3:30pm-5:00pm06/21/2106/21/2125.00
12394947Auditions (Ages 9-11)RegisterAuditions (Ages 9-11)Mon, Tue5:30pm-8:30pm06/21/2106/22/2196.00
12394945Auditions (Ages 7-8)RegisterAuditions (Ages 7-8)Tue3:30pm-5:30pm06/22/2106/22/2135.00
12380521Auditions: Small Group (All Ages)RegisterAuditions: Small Group (All Ages)Wed4:00pm-5:30pm06/23/2106/23/2125.00
12394948Auditions (Ages 12+)RegisterAuditions (Ages 12+)Wed, Thu5:30pm-8:30pm06/23/2106/24/2196.00
12380506Auditions: Company (Ages 9+)RegisterAuditions: Company (Ages 9+)Thu4:00pm-5:30pm06/24/2106/24/2125.00


PDC In-House Convention (Edina)

July 13-14

Our PDC In House Convention offers a wide variety of genres with the emphasis on choreography. Convention is a great way to get try a new style as well as getting dancers to practice learning and performing choreography in a more fast paced class. This camp is structured to be similar to conventions we attend outside of PDC so if you want more experience or love that style of training this is the camp for you!

RegisterClassDaysTimesClass StartsClass EndsTuition
12380503PDC In-House Convention (ages 8+)RegisterPDC In-House Convention (ages 8+)Tue, Wed9:00am-12:00pm07/13/2107/14/21125.00

Ballet Intensive (Edina)

July 19 - 22

The most recommended camp! Dancers are exposed to a rigorous and exciting ballet camp led by our Ballet Director, Ballet Staff and master faculty. Classes include: Ballet, Contemporary, Variations, Pointe, Modern & more.

RegisterClassDaysTimesClass StartsClass EndsTuition
12380581Ballet Intensive (9+)RegisterBallet Intensive (9+)Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu9:00am-1:00pm07/19/2107/22/21272.00
12380575Ballet Intensive (Ages 6-8)RegisterBallet Intensive (Ages 6-8)Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu9:00am-11:30am07/19/2107/22/21170.00

Technique Camp (Edina)

July 26-29 & Aug 2-5

During our Technique Camp dancers will work on improving and growing their technical ability in order to enhance their performance and skills. These intensives are taught with a strong focus on helping dancers fine tune their basic fundamentals while participating in jazz, tap, ballet and modern technique classes each day.

RegisterClassDaysTimesClass StartsClass EndsTuition
12380548Technique Camp: July (Ages 8 & under)RegisterTechnique Camp: July (Ages 8 & under)Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu9:00am-12:00pm07/26/2107/29/21195.00
12380551Technique Camp: July (Ages 9+)RegisterTechnique Camp: July (Ages 9+)Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu9:00am-12:00pm07/26/2107/29/21195.00
12380564Technique Camp: August (Ages 9+)RegisterTechnique Camp: August (Ages 9+)Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu5:00pm-8:00pm08/02/2108/05/21195.00
12380568Technique Camp: August (Ages 8 & under)RegisterTechnique Camp: August (Ages 8 & under)Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu5:00pm-8:00pm08/02/2108/05/21195.00