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Join us for a month of summer Kidzdance classes in July!

Kidzdance is a 4-week program that meets once a week similar to our full season classes. These fun filled classes will teach technique and choreography. What a great way to try out a new style or enjoy your favorite style of dance this summer!

Summer Camp/Class Tuition: All camps & classes (except mini camps) will be charged a $25 non-refundable deposit at the time of registration. The remaining balance will be processed on the Monday of the week of the camp/class.

If you have any questions regarding summer enrollment, contact our Enrollment Coordinator, Megan at

Download our 2021 Summer Dance Flyer today!

Kidzdance Classes (Edina)
Ages 1 - 6

July 6 – 29 | Time Varies Based on Class see class descriptions below

RegisterClassDaysTimesClass StartsClass EndsTuition
12380425Kidzdance: Tiny Hoppers (Ages 2-3)RegisterKidzdance: Tiny Hoppers (Ages 2-3)Tue5:00pm-5:30pm07/06/2107/27/2140.00
12380435Kidzdance: Princess Ballet (Ages 4-6)RegisterKidzdance: Princess Ballet (Ages 4-6)Tue5:30pm-6:15pm07/06/2107/27/2150.00
12380438Kidzdance: Hippity Hop (Ages 4-6)RegisterKidzdance: Hippity Hop (Ages 4-6)Tue6:15pm-7:00pm07/06/2107/27/2150.00
12380444Kidzdance: Tiny Tutus (Ages 2-3)RegisterKidzdance: Tiny Tutus (Ages 2-3)Thu10:00am-10:30am07/08/2107/29/2140.00
12380445Kidzdance: Creative Movement (Ages 3-4)RegisterKidzdance: Creative Movement (Ages 3-4)Thu10:30am-11:15am07/08/2107/29/2150.00
12380449Kidzdance: Toddler & Me (Ages 1-3)RegisterKidzdance: Toddler & Me (Ages 1-3)Thu5:00pm-5:30pm07/08/2107/29/2140.00
12380453Kidzdance: Fairy Ballet (Ages 4-6)RegisterKidzdance: Fairy Ballet (Ages 4-6)Thu5:30pm-6:15pm07/08/2107/29/2150.00
12380465Kidzdance: Broadway Babies (Ages 4-6)RegisterKidzdance: Broadway Babies (Ages 4-6)Thu6:15pm-7:00pm07/08/2107/29/2150.00
Class Descriptions

Kidzdance: Toddler & Me (Ages 1 – 3)
A class option for dancers not ready to separate from their grown-up. Toddler & Me is a creative dance and music class where a parent/caregiver will help dancers enhance their socialization and work with them on their classroom participation and gross motor coordination!
Kidzdance: Tiny Tutus (Ages 2 – 3)
Tiny Tutus is our youngest independent dancer class, where dancers will learn to enter the classroom on their own and participate with the instructor and other dancers. Tiny Tutus focus is creative dance and an introduction to ballet.
Kidzdance: Tiny Hoppers (Ages 2 – 3)
Tiny Hoppers is our youngest independent dancer class, where dancers will learn to enter the classroom on their own and participate with the instructor and other dancers. Tiny Hoppers focus is on creative dance and an intro to tumbling & hip-hop all set to fun upbeat rhythms.
Kidzdance: Creative Movement (Ages 3 – 4)
An introductory fun movement & ballet class for preschoolers with focus on motor development, rhythm and following directions. Incorporates beginner dance steps with interactive music and play. An intro to Pre-Dance without the tap portion.
Kidzdance: Princess Ballet (Ages 4 – 6)
Princesses and Ballet – what more could a dancer want?! This dance class mixes traditional ballet technique with elegant Princess themes.

Kidzdance: Hippity Hop (Ages 4 – 6)
Bounce along to the beat in this intro hip-hop class for kids. A fantastic way to introduce a jazz-funk style to your young dancer!

Kidzdance: Broadway Babies (Ages 4 – 6)
Calling all Broadway Babies to centerstage! This Kidzdance is perfect for the dancer who dreams of being on stage! Join us for a class that celebrates the music and movement of broadway.
Kidzdance: Fairy Ballet (Ages 4 – 6)
Fairy Ballet is an imaginative class geared toward ballet technique set to a fairy theme. Come fly with us!