What are the goals for skills testing?

We are implementing skills testing for these five reasons:

  • To do an annual assessment of our curriculum, programming and progression for the students.
  • To hold our teachers accountable to the expected instruction throughout the season.
  • For parents to see (through the Parent Portal) what your dancer is learning and how they are progressing.
  • For dancers to feel proud of their accomplishments and what they have learned in class!
  • To ensure the pathway of moving through our program is on track, whether a dancer decides to continue in the recreational program or move on to performance team/competitive. Also, so we are able to give personal guidance for future classes to each dancer accurately during our spring evaluations that will be emailed out in April.

What to expect during skills testing:

  1. The structure of class will run as usual for Toddler classes. There will be another teacher/director in the room observing.
  2. All other classes will complete testing in a call & repeat format, where dancers will demonstrate the skills in small groups, partners or individually across the floor.
  3. Instructors will help/demonstrate as needed – dancers will be able to perform a skill as many times as needed. Our goal is for everyone to leave feeling great about their work!

How should I prepare my dancer for skills testing?

  1. Skills testing is not something parents/dancers should stress about at home. Teachers are preparing dancers in class and have been all season. We are confident everyone will leave feeling proud (and with an awesome ribbon too!)
  2. Please make sure, however, that your dancer comes in appropriate dress code, hair pulled back and has the proper dance shoes for class.
  3. You can login to your Parent Portal now to see which skills will be tested, if you want to preview them/have your dancer go through them.

Skills testing progress report:

  1. If a dancer is absent during the week of February 7-12, our instructors will test them at another time in February during class.
  2. All info will be in your Parent Portal by March 1. An email will be sent with instructions on logging into your Parent Portal to access your dancer’s skills that were attained and any notes.
  3. Questions regarding your dancer’s progress report can be sent to lexi@platinumdance.com. More follow-up and a recommendation for next school year season classes for your dancer will be sent in April (before Fall enrollment opens on May 1.)

Skills Testing FAQs