Weekly Updates

Safer Studio

Our safety efforts go beyond the studio. The health and safety of our staff, students, guests, and communities has always been our highest priority; a commitment that has only been heightened at this time in history. We are a “Safer Studio” following the guidelines provided by More than Just Great Dancing. This accreditation is supported by using local and national guidelines to inform best practices for service continuity and re-opening in-person services.

Safety Measures

Below are our current safety measures. These are subject to change and will be updated accordingly, as new guidance becomes available or local mandates are put into place. Please check back often for new policies and updates, as we will be monitoring the situation closely.

Current Masking Zone =  GREEN (effective 3/1/22)

Self-Wellness Checks

Before leaving your home, we ask our families to complete a self-wellness check. People with any of these symptoms should stay home:

  • Fever or feeling feverish
  • Chills/muscle aches
  • Cough
  • Shortness of breath
  • Sore Throat
  • Headache
  • New loss of smell or taste

COVID Positive Cases

Positive Covid Case or Exposure: We recommend following the CDC guidelines to know when to keep your dancer home from class and when to return to dance: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/your-health/quarantine-isolation.html

Face Coverings

We appreciate your trust in the studio to keep our staff, dancers and families safe. We have based our mask requirements or recommendations on current data of local cases.
Please follow our Mask Zone Policy:
  • Green = Masks are always welcome, but optional
  • Yellow = Proceed with caution – masks are recommended
  • Red = STOP – masks are required (ages 5 & up)

Our masking current zone is listed below & on the home page of our Safer Studio guidelines.

  • Masks are always welcome, but optional.

Attendance & Drop Policy

Due to the unforeseen circumstances, we are flexible and understanding with our attendance and drop policy. All absences due to illness are excused and we ask that you keep your dancer home when they are not feeling well – even for required classes/events.

Drop Policy: If your dancer needs to be removed from a class and you want your tuition payments stopped, a Drop Form must be submitted. You are only responsible for tuition during the month you drop and no further payments. If at anytime, you would like to withdraw your dancer from class, please email megan@platinumdance.com.

Lobby and Drop-Off & Pick-Up

Our lobby is currently open to ONE parent per dancer. However, we recommend dropping your dancer off for class.

If you plan to wait in the studio lobby for your dancer, we ask that you continue to socially distance.

We highly recommend dropping off your dancer & picking them up after class. Even with one parent per dancer, our lobby could get congested and we suggest waiting in your car.

Please respect our parking lot flow and drop-off lane. Since most parents will be dropping off their dancer from their car, we ask that you drop them off in the drop-off lane closest to their entrance. Please do not park/wait in the drop-off lane for any period of time or use this lane to pick your dancer up.  

As always, follow the one-way flow of our parking lot and drive slow and cautiously, as there are young children walking in and out of the lot at all times of the day/night.

Air Circulation

We understand, in most buildings and in most situations, filters may be considerably less effective than other infection control measures including social distancing, isolation of known cases, and hand-washing.

However, we are working with our contractor and building maintenance company to ensure our filters are properly installed and maintained and that we have a well performing HVAC system that introduces clean air and removes contaminated air from enclosed spaces.

We understand cracking doors open can have a significant impact on air exchanges. We are propping doors for outdoor air circulation and optimizing building ventilation.

Hygiene & Cleaning

We encourage all dancers and anyone entering the building to wash hands frequently. Upon entering and exiting the classroom each time, we will sanitize each dancer’s hands. There are many hand sanitizers throughout the studio and new touch less hand sanitizer stations as well.

Platinum Dance uses a commercial cleaning company to professionally clean their facilities. We have worked together to ensure that we are efficiently disinfecting, especially door handles, hand rails and all surfaces. Our cleaning company is up-to-date on new cleaning requirements.

Our teaching staff is trained on how to prepare each studio for class with our cleaning stations in each classroom. Our office staff is trained on how to keep all other areas of the studio (including bathrooms & lobby) clean and sanitized many times a day. Platinum has also implemented curriculum and schedule changes to help eliminate the spread of germs.


Our local MDH is a resource that Platinum uses to stay up to date with local restrictions and guidelines within our community. As we navigate through this time, we have daily decisions that need to be made to always ensure the safety of our students, families and staff. We will continue to update families with changes via this webpage and through email.

As a Safer Studio, Platinum wants to do their part in Stay Safe MN. We are in constant communication what our local health commissioner, as well as public school colleagues. On top of staying up to date with how schools are maneuvering this school year, we are also following the guidelines for local youth sports, as they are updated, as well as their initial document that outlines practical prevention strategies: Prevention Guidance for Youth Programs. As a place for children’s activities we have followed MDH Sports Guidance .


Platinum Dance uses the CDC recommendations to make sure we are current with our procedures and the safety measures we are taking each day.

We follow the CDC recommendations regarding cleaning and disinfecting our facilities, youth sports guidelines, and other suggestions for youth programs and camps.

We will follow the CDC trends and adjust our programming/precautions as needed. The CDC’s guidelines and data will always be considered, but our local government restrictions, area schools decisions, and other childcare facilities/children activities will be our guide in our preparedness for health and safety as well.

Click here to read more about the MTJGD Safer Studio Guidelines.