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Pre-School Program

3 – 5 years

From our popular Pre-Dance I & II combo classes to a Pre-Ballet, Hippity Hop or Broadway Babies – your preschooler will find a style to fit their little personality!

The school year dance program runs from September – May. Fall registration for the 2021-22 season opens on May 1, 2021 (in your Parent Portal) for current students & June 1, 2021 for new students. If you cannot find a day/time that works, you can fill out our Class Request form here.

Edina Class Schedule
12830204Broadway Babies (ages 3-5) M 5:20RegisterBroadway Babies (ages 3-5) M 5:20Mon5:20pm-5:50pm
12830186Creative Movement (ages 3-4) F 9:45RegisterCreative Movement (ages 3-4) F 9:45Fri9:45am-10:25am
12830189Creative Movement (ages 3-4) S 10:30RegisterCreative Movement (ages 3-4) S 10:30Sat10:30am-11:10am
12830215Creative Movement (ages 3-4) T 5:00RegisterCreative Movement (ages 3-4) T 5:00Tue5:00pm-5:40pm
12830167Creative Movement (ages 3-4) W 5:35RegisterCreative Movement (ages 3-4) W 5:35Wed5:35pm-6:15pm
12830209Hippity Hop (ages 3-5) M 4:50RegisterHippity Hop (ages 3-5) M 4:50Mon4:50pm-5:20pm
12830194Hippity Hop (ages 3-5) S 9:45RegisterHippity Hop (ages 3-5) S 9:45Sat9:45am-10:15am
12830196Pre-Ballet (ages 3-5) S 10:45RegisterPre-Ballet (ages 3-5) S 10:45Sat10:45am-11:25am
12830161Pre-Ballet (ages 3-5) W 6:15RegisterPre-Ballet (ages 3-5) W 6:15Wed6:15pm-6:55pm
12830183Pre-Dance (ages 3-4) F 10:30RegisterPre-Dance (ages 3-4) F 10:30Fri10:30am-11:10am
12830188Pre-Dance (ages 3-4) S 9:00RegisterPre-Dance (ages 3-4) S 9:00Sat9:00am-9:40am
12830212Pre-Dance (ages 3-4) T 4:10RegisterPre-Dance (ages 3-4) T 4:10Tue4:10pm-4:50pm
12830216Pre-Dance (ages 3-4) T 6:40RegisterPre-Dance (ages 3-4) T 6:40Tue6:40pm-7:20pm
12830175Pre-Dance (ages 3-4) Th 10:00RegisterPre-Dance (ages 3-4) Th 10:00Thu10:00am-10:40am
12830159Pre-Dance (ages 3-4) W 1:30RegisterPre-Dance (ages 3-4) W 1:30Wed1:30pm-2:10pm
12830185Pre-Dance II (ages 4-5) F 9:35RegisterPre-Dance II (ages 4-5) F 9:35Fri9:35am-10:15am
12830206Pre-Dance II (ages 4-5) M 4:10RegisterPre-Dance II (ages 4-5) M 4:10Mon4:10pm-4:50pm
12830203Pre-Dance II (ages 4-5) M 5:40Wait ListPre-Dance II (ages 4-5) M 5:40Mon5:40pm-6:20pm
12830220Pre-Dance II (ages 4-5) T 4:20RegisterPre-Dance II (ages 4-5) T 4:20Tue4:20pm-5:00pm
12841102Pre-Dance II (ages 4-5) Th 10:45RegisterPre-Dance II (ages 4-5) Th 10:45Thu10:45am-11:25am
12830168Pre-Dance II (ages 4-5) W 4:30RegisterPre-Dance II (ages 4-5) W 4:30Wed4:30pm-5:10pm
12830337Tumble Tots (ages 3-5) T 3:45RegisterTumble Tots (ages 3-5) T 3:45Tue3:45pm-4:15pm
12830343Tumble Tots (ages 3-5) W 5:05RegisterTumble Tots (ages 3-5) W 5:05Wed5:05pm-5:35pm
Wayzata Class Schedule
12830397Broadway Babies (ages 3-5) T 5:45RegisterBroadway Babies (ages 3-5) T 5:45Tue5:45pm-6:15pm
12830383Creative Movement (ages 3-4) Th 4:30RegisterCreative Movement (ages 3-4) Th 4:30Thu4:30pm-5:10pm
12830628Hippity Hop (ages 3-5) T 5:40RegisterHippity Hop (ages 3-5) T 5:40Tue5:40pm-6:10pm
12830380Pre-Ballet (ages 3-5) Th 5:10RegisterPre-Ballet (ages 3-5) Th 5:10Thu5:10pm-5:50pm
12830699Pre-Dance (ages 3-4) Th 10:30RegisterPre-Dance (ages 3-4) Th 10:30Thu10:30am-11:10am
12830382Pre-Dance (ages 3-4) Th 4:20RegisterPre-Dance (ages 3-4) Th 4:20Thu4:20pm-5:00pm
12830399Pre-Dance II (ages 4-5) T 5:00RegisterPre-Dance II (ages 4-5) T 5:00Tue5:00pm-5:40pm
12830381Pre-Dance II (ages 4-5) Th 4:30RegisterPre-Dance II (ages 4-5) Th 4:30Thu4:30pm-5:10pm
12830649Tumble Tots (ages 3-5) Th 5:10RegisterTumble Tots (ages 3-5) Th 5:10Thu5:10pm-5:40pm

Class Descriptions

Creative Movement: Ages 3 – 4 (40 min): An introductory movement & ballet class for preschoolers with focus on motor development, rhythm and following directions. Incorporates beginner dance steps with interactive music and play. An intro to Pre-Dance without the tap portion.

Pre-Dance: Ages 3 – 4 (40 min): A beginner tap & ballet combo class that integrates Creative Movement in a more structured classroom environment. Pre-Dance focuses on dance vocabulary, basic steps and correct form through 20 minutes of tap and 20 minutes of ballet.

Pre-Ballet: Ages 3 – 5 (40 min): Introduces the young dancer to Ballet through the stories and songs of the great ballets and creative music. Dancers will learn beginner ballet terminology & technique.

Pre-Dance II: Ages 4 – 5 (40 min): A tap & ballet combo class that continues teaching Pre-Dance fundamentals at a faster pace. Pre-Dance II introduces basic jazz steps and begins to incorporate combinations and advance on age appropriate skills.

Hippity Hop: Ages 3 – 5 (30 min): Bounce along to the beat in this intro hip-hop class for kids. A great add-on to a traditional class and way to introduce a jazz-funk style to your young dancer!

Broadway Babies: Ages 3 – 5 (30 min): An introduction to musical theater for young dancers. Broadway Babies will sing, dance and act to broadway/movie hits while learning basic ballet and jazz steps.

Tumble Tots: Ages 3-5 (30 min): An introduction to tumbling for young dancers. Tumbling is a great supplement to dance class where dancers will work on coordination, strengthening and improving their flexibility.

Dress Code

Creative Movement, Pre-Ballet, Broadway Babies: Any color dance leotard & skirt or dance dress. Pink Capezio Love Ballets, any color tights and hair pulled back.

Pre-Dance, Pre-Dance II: Any color dance leotard & skirt or dance dress. Pink Capezio Love Ballets & Black Patent Leather Taps, any color tights and hair pulled back.

Hippity Hop: Any color dance leotard & skirt or dance dress, dance tops and shorts/pants (no street clothing or loose fitting attire). Clean tennis shoes or tan Showstopper Jazz shoes and hair pulled back.

Tumble Tots: Any color dance leotard & skirt or dance dress, dance tops and shorts/pants. No dance shoes required.

All required attire and shoes are available for purchase at Platinum Dance.

*Prop requirement for Preschool classes – new this year! All Preschool dancers are required to bring a dance bag with a stuffy, wand and a scarf to each class. If you do not have these items, Prop bags are available for purchase at Platinum Dance.

Tuition & Fees

9 installments of $52.00 (30-min class) $64.00 (40-min class)
Our tuition is inclusive of the annual recital costume & tights fee. An annual (non-refundable) registration fee is due at the time of registration ($35 per dancer).