Safer Studio

Pre-School Program

3 – 5 years

From our popular Pre-Dance I & II combo classes to a Pre-Ballet, Hippity Hop or Broadway Babies – your preschooler will find a style to fit their little personality!

Edina Class Schedule
11380895Broadway Babies M 5:20RegisterBroadway Babies M 5:20Mon5:20pm-5:50pm
11379801Creative Movement F 9:45RegisterCreative Movement F 9:45Fri9:45am-10:25am
11379898Creative Movement S 9:45RegisterCreative Movement S 9:45Sat9:45am-10:25am
11381025Creative Movement T 6:00RegisterCreative Movement T 6:00Tue6:00pm-6:40pm
11406669Creative Movement Th 10:00RegisterCreative Movement Th 10:00Thu10:00am-10:40am
11406472Creative Movement W 5:20Wait ListCreative Movement W 5:20Wed5:20pm-6:00pm
11380953Hippity Hop M 4:50RegisterHippity Hop M 4:50Mon4:50pm-5:20pm
11379996Hippity Hop S 9:30RegisterHippity Hop S 9:30Sat9:30am-10:00am
11381004Hippity Hop T 5:00RegisterHippity Hop T 5:00Tue5:00pm-5:30pm
11467011Pre-Ballet S 10:45RegisterPre-Ballet S 10:45Sat10:45am-11:25am
11381413Pre-Ballet W 6:00Wait ListPre-Ballet W 6:00Wed6:00pm-6:40pm
11379770Pre-Dance F 9:35Wait ListPre-Dance F 9:35Fri9:35am-10:15am
11379791Pre-Dance II F 10:30RegisterPre-Dance II F 10:30Fri10:30am-11:10am
11380916Pre-Dance II M 4:10RegisterPre-Dance II M 4:10Mon4:10pm-4:50pm
11380885Pre-Dance II M 5:50RegisterPre-Dance II M 5:50Mon5:50pm-6:30pm
11379931Pre-Dance II S 10:00RegisterPre-Dance II S 10:00Sat10:00am-10:40am
11381147Pre-Dance II T 4:15RegisterPre-Dance II T 4:15Tue4:15pm-4:55pm
11406821Pre-Dance II Th 1:30RegisterPre-Dance II Th 1:30Thu1:30pm-2:10pm
11406499Pre-Dance II W 4:35RegisterPre-Dance II W 4:35Wed4:35pm-5:15pm
11379853Pre-Dance S 9:00RegisterPre-Dance S 9:00Sat9:00am-9:40am
11380989Pre-Dance T 4:20Wait ListPre-Dance T 4:20Tue4:20pm-5:00pm
11381038Pre-Dance T 6:45RegisterPre-Dance T 6:45Tue6:45pm-7:25pm
11406690Pre-Dance Th 10:45RegisterPre-Dance Th 10:45Thu10:45am-11:25am
11381380Pre-Dance W 1:30RegisterPre-Dance W 1:30Wed1:30pm-2:10pm
Wayzata Class Schedule
11345824Broadway Babies Tu 5:00Wait ListBroadway Babies Tu 5:00Tue5:00pm-5:30pm
11345984Creative Movement Th 4:30RegisterCreative Movement Th 4:30Thu4:30pm-5:10pm
11345949Pre-Ballet W 4:30RegisterPre-Ballet W 4:30Wed4:30pm-5:10pm
11345954Pre-Dance II Th 4:30Wait ListPre-Dance II Th 4:30Thu4:30pm-5:10pm
11345852Pre-Dance II Tu 5:30Wait ListPre-Dance II Tu 5:30Tue5:30pm-6:10pm
11345963Pre-Dance Th 4:20Wait ListPre-Dance Th 4:20Thu4:20pm-5:00pm

Class Descriptions

Creative Movement: Ages 3 – 4 (40 min): An introductory movement & ballet class for preschoolers with focus on motor development, rhythm and following directions. Incorporates beginner dance steps with interactive music and play. An intro to Pre-Dance without the tap portion.

Pre-Dance: Ages 3 – 4 (40 min): A beginner tap & ballet combo class that integrates Creative Movement in a more structured classroom environment. Pre-Dance focuses on dance vocabulary, basic steps and correct form through 20 minutes of tap and 20 minutes of ballet.

Pre-Ballet: Ages 3 – 5 (40 min): Introduces the young dancer to Ballet through the stories and songs of the great ballets and creative music. Dancers will learn beginner ballet terminology & technique.

Pre-Dance II: Ages 4 – 5(40 min): A tap & ballet combo class that continues teaching Pre-Dance fundamentals at a faster pace. Pre-Dance II introduces basic jazz steps and begins to incorporate combinations and advance on age appropriate skills.

Hippity Hop: Ages 3 – 5 (30 min): Bounce along to the beat in this intro hip-hop class for kids. A great add-on to a traditional class and way to introduce a jazz-funk style to your young dancer!

Broadway Babies: Ages 3 – 5 (30 min): An introduction to musical theater for young dancers. Broadway Babies will sing, dance and act to broadway/movie hits while learning basic ballet and jazz steps.

Dress Code

Creative Movement, Pre-Ballet, Broadway Babies: Any color dance leotard & skirt or dance dress. Pink Capezio Love Ballets, any color tights and hair pulled back.

Pre-Dance, Pre-Dance II: Any color dance leotard & skirt or dance dress. Pink Capezio Love Ballets & Black Patent Leather Taps, any color tights and hair pulled back.

Hippity Hop: Any color dance leotard & skirt or dance dress, dance tops and shorts/pants (no street clothing or loose fitting attire). Clean tennis shoes or tan Showstopper Jazz shoes and hair pulled back.

All required attire and shoes are available for purchase at Platinum Dance.

*Prop requirement for Preschool classes – new this year! All Preschool dancers are required to bring a dance bag with a stuffy, wand and a scarf to each class. If you do not have these items, Prop bags are available for purchase at Platinum Dance.

Tuition & Fees

9 installments of $52.00 (30-min class) $62.00 (40-min class)

Our tuition is inclusive of the annual recital costume & tights fee. A $35 annual (non-refundable) registration fee is due at the time of registration.