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Kids Program

7 years – 9 years

As a dancer moves from our Children’s Program to our Kids Program, they will experience more of a skills focus with the emphasis still being on the FUN!

The school year dance program runs from September – May. Registration for the 2021-22 season is closed online as of December 1, 2021. If you are still interested in joining a class for the 2021-22 season, please call the studio (952) 236-7509 or email our Enrollment Coordinator: megan@platinumdance.com

Edina Class Schedule
12830307Kids Acro (ages 7-9) M 6:00 Kids Acro (ages 7-9) M 6:00Mon6:00pm-6:40pm
12830198Kids Ballet (ages 7-9) M 5:20 Kids Ballet (ages 7-9) M 5:20Mon5:20pm-6:00pm
12830173Kids Ballet (ages 7-9) T 4:00 Kids Ballet (ages 7-9) T 4:00Tue4:00pm-4:40pm
12830218Kids Ballet (ages 7-9) T 6:00 Kids Ballet (ages 7-9) T 6:00Tue6:00pm-6:40pm
12830201Kids Hip-Hop (ages 7-9) M 5:20 Kids Hip-Hop (ages 7-9) M 5:20Mon5:20pm-6:00pm
12830195Kids Hip-Hop (ages 7-9) S 10:15 Kids Hip-Hop (ages 7-9) S 10:15Sat10:15am-10:55am
12830169Kids Hip-Hop (ages 7-9) W 5:00 Kids Hip-Hop (ages 7-9) W 5:00Wed5:00pm-5:40pm
12830164Kids Musical Theater (ages 7-9) W 6:40 Kids Musical Theater (ages 7-9) W 6:40Wed6:40pm-7:20pm
12830200Kids Tap/Jazz (ages 7-9) M 4:20 Kids Tap/Jazz (ages 7-9) M 4:20Mon4:20pm-5:20pm
12830163Kids Tap/Jazz (ages 7-9) W 5:40 Kids Tap/Jazz (ages 7-9) W 5:40Wed5:40pm-6:40pm
Wayzata Class Schedule
12830401Kids Acro (ages 7-9) M 6:00 Kids Acro (ages 7-9) M 6:00Mon6:00pm-6:40pm
12830391Kids Ballet (ages 7-9) M 4:20 Kids Ballet (ages 7-9) M 4:20Mon4:20pm-5:00pm
12830393Kids Hip-Hop (ages 7-9) T 5:00 Kids Hip-Hop (ages 7-9) T 5:00Tue5:00pm-5:40pm
12830400Kids Musical Theater (ages 7-9) T 6:25 Kids Musical Theater (ages 7-9) T 6:25Tue6:25pm-7:05pm
12830392Kids Tap/Jazz (ages 7-9) M 5:00 Kids Tap/Jazz (ages 7-9) M 5:00Mon5:00pm-6:00pm

Class Descriptions

Tap/Jazz: Ages 7-9 (60 min): Beginner to intermediate tap and jazz combo class. This class will start with the fundamentals and progress forward with attention to technique and form. These classes also work towards improving flexibility, confidence, and showmanship. Class format is 30 minutes of tap and 30 minutes of jazz with proper warm-ups in each style and choreography combinations.

Hip-Hop: Ages 7-9 (40 min): This class will focus on rhythm through hip-hop choreography and combinations along with working on beginner to intermediate hip-hop tricks and choreography.  Learn the coolest moves and skills to share with your friends to the latest radio hits! An upbeat and high energy style class!

Ballet: Ages 7-9 (40 min): Our ballet program equips today’s young dancers with the artistry and athleticism necessary for today’s dance world. While still maintaining the classical tradition of dance as an art form, the comprehensive training program offers students the opportunity to explore artistically, and creatively while following our curriculum based on physical principles.

Musical Theater: Ages 7-9 (40 min): This beginner to intermediate Musical Theater class integrates drama, dance, singing, and improvisation in a fun and creative class. From costumes and characters to props and performances, this is one class where students truly get to show their star potential.

Acro: Ages 7-9 (40 min): This Acro class will lay the introductory foundation for tumbling and acrobatics while incorporating fun activities to keep any dancing gymnast engaged!

Dress Code

Tap/Jazz: Any color dance leotard & skirt or dance dress, dance tops and shorts/pants. Tan Wonder Jazz shoes, tan Mary Jane Taps and hair pulled back.

Hip-Hop: Any color dance leotard & skirt or dance dress, dance tops and shorts/pants (no street clothing or loose fitting attire). Clean tennis shoes or tan Wonder Jazz shoes and hair pulled back.

Ballet: Black leotard, pink tights, Pink Capezio Hanami Ballets and hair in a bun.

Musical Theater: Any color dance leotard & skirt or dance dress, dance tops and shorts/pants. Tan Wonder Jazz shoes and hair pulled back.

Acro: Any color dance leotard & skirt or dance dress, dance tops and shorts/pants. No shoes required.

All required attire and shoes are available for purchase in the Platinum Dance store.

Tuition & Fees

9 installments of $64.00 (40-min class) / $74.00 (60-min class): September – May

Our tuition is inclusive of the annual recital costume & tights fee. An annual (non-refundable) registration fee is due at the time of registration ($35 per dancer).