Weekly Updates

November Newsletter

Thanksgiving Break

Take a week to be with family! Platinum’s Thanksgiving break runs November 21 – 28, and the studio will be closed. Classes resume as usual on Monday, November 29.

November Store Sale

We are Thankful for YOU! Enjoy 20% off in the Platinum Store November 15 – 19. This is a great opportunity to get a few holiday gifts!

Winter Weather

Believe it or not, winter weather is right around the corner! Please keep the following in mind during the snowy months:
Parking Lot: Depending on the amount of snow, parking spaces may be lost and our parking lot reminders may be covered. Please remember to follow the one-way flow of the lot, drive SLOW, acknowledge the crosswalk area in front of the entrance and do not park/wait for any period of time in the drop-off lane. Our lot will be salted multiple times per day, however, our building does not get any sun and is on a slight slope which collects water – we do our best to de-ice constantly, but please be cautious of potential icey conditions.
Boots/Coats: Dancers should not wear their winter boots or bring their winter jackets into the studio. Please use our dressing room or exit hallway (by bathrooms) locker spaces to store your items or leave them with your parent in the lobby. There will also be boot trays outside of studio doors. Hip-Hop classes: please bring a CLEAN pair of tennis shoes for class each week during winter months!
Snow Days: In an event of severe weather, we may have to cancel classes. We determine when to cancel based on the local school district’s decisions. For example, if Edina or Minnetonka/Wayzata districts cancel school, we would also cancel classes. If the school district holds classes, but has an early release or cancels evening school activities, we would cancel classes. Every day of the week has one snow day calculated into tuition. However, if a Tuesday (or any day of the week) has TWO snow days during the season, a make-up day would be offered to make-up for the second cancellation. An email/text/social media post will go out if we cancel classes.

Instructor Observations & Feedback

Throughout the month of November, you may notice Directors/Lead Teachers will be in and out of classroom for instructor observations. During this time we are evaluating our instructors on a variety of things including: classroom management, curriculum, studio values & policies and more. These evaluations are shared with each instructor in one on one mid-year meetings. If you are interested in sharing any feedback regarding your dancer’s class/instructor OR would like more feedback regarding your dancer, fill out this FORM at anytime!

Recital Costume Timeline

View the recital costume timeline below to get an idea on when dancer’s get to see their costume selection, when costumes are ordered and when they will begin to arrive. All recital information (as it becomes available) can be found at: www.platinumdance.com/recital 

Nutcracker Souvenirs

Available for pre-order now! Check-out our Nutcracker apparel, custom candy jars and flower bouquets – perfect holiday gifts for your dancer! Click HERE to order.