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November 2, 2022

Bring a Friend to Dance Week!

Select classes (with openings) are invited to Bring a Friend to Dance Week throughout November 14 – 19! If your dancer’s class is a part of this week, more details were emailed to you. We are excited to share a fun class with friends next week!

Thanksgiving Break: November 21 – 27

There are no classes held throughout the week of November 21 – 27. Enjoy the break with your family! All studio breaks are calculated into tuition. View 2022-23 Studio Calendar. View Tuition FAQ’s.

Upcoming in November

MEASURING: Next week in class, dancers will be getting measured for their recital costume. All dancers are ordered a costume to wear for our recital in May! We measure dancers to help us determine which size costume to order. We take into consideration that dancers will not be wearing these costumes until April & May, however, we need to order them early winter in order to receive them in time for picture week! View our Recital Costume Timeline for more info. below!

OBSERVATIONS: Also, this month you may notice another teacher/director in your dancer’s class observing and taking notes. During the month of November we have our formal teacher observations to ensure all staff is following the curriculum, class structure, dancers are in the right class that’s a good fit for them, & more!

We Want Socks!

Throughout this month, bring in a package of new socks and enter to win a free month of dance or a dance party with friends! We will be donating the socks to local organizations in need before the cold winter season begins.


Get your Santa pics checked off your list early this year! Limited slots available. View more info / sign-up here:


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November 2, 2022