Kinder Classes

Ages 5-7

A program for dancers in between the Pre-School classes and Kids classes! Many back-to-back options so these young dancers can take multiple styles. *Dancers do not have to be in Kindergarten, but we recommend being within the age range and/or having a year of Pre-Dance II completed.

2024-25 School Year Registration OPENS on May 15 for Current Families and on June 1 for New Families!

Kinder dancers

CLASS Details

The school year dance program runs from September – May. Registration for the 2024-25 season opens on June 1. Our 2024-25 Fall/Spring season starts September 4 – 10, 2024.

The summer dance program runs from May – August. Registration for Summer 2024 opens on February 1. View our Summer Classes HERE

Core Styles

Additional Styles

Dress Code


Attire: Any color dance leotard and skirt or dance dress. Any color tights. 

Shoes: Capezio Lily Ballet Shoes 212C (Ballet Pink) & Capezio Shuffle Tap Shoes 356C (Black Patent)


Attire: Any color dance leotard dance top & shorts/pants.

Shoes: Clean Tennis Shoes or Capezio Jazz Glove Shoes CG33W (Carmel)


Attire: Any color dance leotard and skirt or dance dress. Any color tights. 

Shoes: Capezio Lily Ballet Shoes 212C (Ballet Pink)


Attire: Any color dance leotard dance top & shorts/pants.

Shoes: Capezio Jazz Glove Shoes CG33W (Carmel)


Attire: Any color dance leotard dance top & shorts/pants.

Shoes: Barefoot (no shoes required)

Attire & Shoes can be ordered conveniently at the Platinum Dance Store.

  • One-time Annual Registration Fee ($35 per dancer) is billed at the time of registration for School Year classes.
  • Monthly Tuition includes Class Tuition, Recital Costume Fee, Recital Tights, & Recital Accessories (no additional fees!)
  • Hip-Hop Classes: Required Recital Performance Shoes ($45+)
  • Monthly Tuition is calculated by the total number of classes in the season and divided into 9 equal installments (Sept-May).
  • Tuition is auto-billed on the 1st of every month (Sept-May).

Additional Fees

  • Dress Code: Class Attire & Shoes
  • Recital Video Fee ($25/per family for All Access Digital Media Downloads of Recital Show)
  • optional Individual & Group Photos (during Picture Week) 
  • optional Recital Souvenirs 
  • optional Recital Tickets


  • Discounts: 5% tuition discount for dancers taking more than one class and/or families with more than one dancer.
  • Nutcracker: Our optional Winter Performance, Nutcracker “Land of the Sweets” has a one-time audition + participation fee (includes costume!)
Kinder Class Descriptions

All Kinder Classes perform 1 routine in the recital, with the exception of Kinder-Dance (which performs 2 routines). 


Kinder-Dance: This combination class is the next step from a Pre-Dance II class. Class styles include: tap, ballet and jazz. Dancers will progress through the beginner steps within these styles with more focus on form and technique. *This class performs two routines in the recital. 
Kinder-Hop: A beginner hip-hop class where dancers will learn about the hip-hop style, work on footwork, body isolations and tricks.
Kinder-Ballet: A beginner ballet class for dancers interested in focusing on only this style. Dancers will learn ballet positions, terminology and more ballet basics through the center, at the barre and across the floor.
Kinder-Theater: A beginner musical theater class where dancers will mainly focus on the jazz style with an emphasis on performing and some singing and acting as well!
Kinder-Acro: A beginner acro class where dancers will focus on proper progression of skills and tricks. Dancers will continue their dance training and combine choreography incorporating both acro and dance. 
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Our staff is available to answer any questions you may have about the class. Reach out today to learn more!