Fall Mini Session

Fall in love with dance! Join us for our 5-week Fall Mini Session on November 7 – December 16. Open to dancers ages 2 – 7 years. All fall session classes will be held at Platinum Dance Center in Edina.

RegisterClassDaysTimesClass StartsClass EndsTuition
15314584Fall Session: Kinder-Acro (ages 5-7) M 3:45 RegisterFall Session: Kinder-Acro (ages 5-7) M 3:45 Mon3:45pm-4:15pm11/07/2212/12/220.00
15314610Fall Session: Kinder-Dance (ages 5-7) M 4:15RegisterFall Session: Kinder-Dance (ages 5-7) M 4:15Mon4:15pm-5:15pm11/07/2212/12/220.00
15314579Fall Session: Pre-Dance (ages 3-4) W 1:30 RegisterFall Session: Pre-Dance (ages 3-4) W 1:30 Wed1:30pm-2:15pm11/09/2212/14/220.00
15314571Fall Session: Toddler & Me (ages 1.5-3) W 6:00 RegisterFall Session: Toddler & Me (ages 1.5-3) W 6:00 Wed6:00pm-6:30pm11/09/2212/14/220.00
15314582Fall Session: Pre-Dance II (ages 4-5) Th 10:00RegisterFall Session: Pre-Dance II (ages 4-5) Th 10:00Thu10:00am-10:45am11/10/2212/15/220.00
15314611Fall Session: Kinder-Ballet (ages 5-7) Th 4:00RegisterFall Session: Kinder-Ballet (ages 5-7) Th 4:00Thu4:00pm-4:45pm11/10/2212/15/220.00
15314574Fall Session: Tiny Tutus (ages 2-3) F 10:15RegisterFall Session: Tiny Tutus (ages 2-3) F 10:15Fri10:15am-10:45am11/11/2212/16/220.00
15314575Fall Session: Creative Movement (ages 3-4) F 9:30 RegisterFall Session: Creative Movement (ages 3-4) F 9:30 Fri9:30am-10:15am11/11/2212/16/220.00


Toddler & Me: A class options for dancers not ready to separate from a parent/caregiver. Toddler & Me is a creative dance and music class where parents/caregivers will help dancers enhance their socialization and work with them on their classroom participation and gross motor coordination!

Tiny Tutus: Tiny Tutus is our youngest independent dancer class, where dancers will learn to enter the classroom on their own and participate with the instructor and other dancers. Tiny Tutus focus is creative dance and an introduction to ballet.

Creative Movement: An introductory movement & ballet class for preschoolers with focus on motor development, rhythm and following directions. Incorporates beginner dance steps with interactive music and play. An intro to Pre-Dance without the tap portion.

Pre-Dance: A beginner tap & ballet combo class that integrates Creative Movement in a more structured classroom environment. Pre-Dance focuses on dance vocabulary, basic steps and correct form through 20 minutes of tap and 20 minutes of ballet.

Pre-Dance II: A tap & ballet combo class that continues teaching Pre-Dance fundamentals at a faster pace. Pre-Dance II introduces basic jazz steps and begins to incorporate combinations and advance on age appropriate skills.

Kinder-Ballet: A beginner ballet class for dancers interested in focusing on only this style. Dancers will learn ballet positions, terminology and more ballet basics through the center, at the barre and across the floor.

Kinder-Dance: This combination class is the next step from a Pre-Dance II class. Class styles include: tap, ballet and jazz. Dancers will progress through the beginner steps within these styles with more focus on form and technique.

Kinder-Acro: This beginner acro class will lay the introductory foundation for tumbling and acrobatics while incorporating fun activities to keep any dancing gymnast engaged!