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Magic of Encanto Dance Camps!

Dancers ages 3-9 are invited to our magical casita for a Magical Encanto Dance Experience! Each camp/class will be unique so join us for 1 or all 3. Dancers will be split by age (3-6) and (7-9) so classes/camps will be appropriate for each age & level. All levels welcome & no experience is necessary. Come dance along to the soundtrack & experience an enchanting day with us!

RegisterClassDaysTimesClass StartsClass EndsTuition
14162377Encanto 2-Day Camp (ages 3-6) - EdinaRegisterEncanto 2-Day Camp (ages 3-6) - EdinaTue, Wed9:00am-11:30am06/28/2206/29/2290.00
14445951Encanto 2-Day Camp (ages 7-9) - EdinaRegisterEncanto 2-Day Camp (ages 7-9) - EdinaTue, Wed9:00am-11:30am06/28/2206/29/2290.00
14445970Encanto 2-Day Camp (ages 7-9) - WayzataRegisterEncanto 2-Day Camp (ages 7-9) - WayzataMon, Tue9:00am-11:30am08/01/2208/02/2290.00
14195744Encanto 2-Day Camp (ages 3-6) - Wayzata RegisterEncanto 2-Day Camp (ages 3-6) - Wayzata Mon, Tue9:00am-11:30am08/01/2208/02/2290.00
RegisterClassDaysTimesClass StartsClass EndsTuition
13986910Summer Dance Session: Encanto Dance (Ages 5-7) - WayzataRegisterSummer Dance Session: Encanto Dance (Ages 5-7) - WayzataTue6:10pm-6:50pm06/14/2207/26/2290.00
14401890Summer Dance Session: Encanto Dance (ages 5-7) - EdinaRegisterSummer Dance Session: Encanto Dance (ages 5-7) - EdinaThu4:20pm-5:00pm06/16/2207/28/2290.00

Edina Encanto Dance Camps!

Wayzata Encanto Dance Camps!