Preschool Classes

Ages 4-5

From our popular Pre-Dance I & II combo classes to a Pre-Ballet, Hippity Hop or Broadway Babies – your preschooler will find a style to fit their little personality!
Preschool dancer with teacher

CLASS Details

The school year dance program runs from September – May. If you have questions about our dance program or classes, please call the studio at (952) 236-7509 or email our Enrollment Coordinator:


Dress Code

      For our studio dress code, please visit our dress code resource here! 

      All required attire and shoes are available for purchase in the Platinum Dance store.




      • Tuition is calculated by the year and divided into 9 equal installments (Sept-May).
      • Tuition is auto-billed on the 1st of every month and is the same regardless of how many classes there are in a month.
      • There is a 5% tuition discount for dancers taking more than one class and families with more than one student.
      • An Annual Registration Fee ($35 per student) is billed at the time of registration. Our tuition is inclusive of the annual recital costume fee.
      Class Time  Installments
      30 minutes $62
      45 minutes  $82
      60 minutes $92

      Additional fees throughout the season include…

        • Class attire & shoes
        • Nutcracker participation fee + costume (optional)
        • Picture Week + Photos (optional)
        • Recital souvenirs (optional)
        • Recital Hip-Hop shoes for HH classes only ($40+)
        • Recital tickets (starting at $18)
      Preschool Class Descriptions
      Pre-Dance: A beginner tap & ballet combo class that integrates Creative Movement in a more structured classroom environment. Pre-Dance focuses on dance vocabulary, basic steps and correct form through 20 minutes of tap and 20 minutes of ballet.
      Princess Ballet: Dance like a ballerina to your favorite princess songs. This class introduces the young dancer to Ballet through a themed class that uses stories, songs, and princess ballet music. Dancers will learn beginner ballet terminology & fundamentals.
      Pre-Ballet: Introduces the young dancer to Ballet through the stories and songs of the great ballets and creative music. Dancers will learn beginner ballet terminology & technique.
      Pre-Acro: Using the AcroDance Pre School curriculum, we teach physical and social-emotional literacy to our youngest dancers. Song, dance, story telling, play and games keep little ones on task and having fun while mastering important milestones.
      Pre-Dance II: A tap & ballet combo class that continues teaching Pre-Dance fundamentals at a faster pace. Pre-Dance II introduces basic jazz steps and begins to incorporate combinations and advance on age appropriate skills.
      Pre-Ballet II : A continuation of teaching Pre-Ballet fundamentals at a faster pace. Pre-Ballet II expands on ballet terminology and technique and begins to incorporate combinations and advance on age appropriate skills.
      Hippity Hop: Bounce along to the beat in this intro hip-hop class for kids. A great add-on to a traditional class and way to introduce a jazz-funk style to your young dancer!
      Broadway Babies: An introduction to musical theater for young dancers. Broadway Babies will sing, dance and act to broadway/movie hits while learning basic ballet and jazz steps.
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      Our staff is available to answer any questions you may have about the class. Reach out today to learn more!