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April Recital News

Recital Tickets

Recital Tickets went on sale this week! For more background information and all details regarding tickets, please feel free to view our 2022 ticket process video that was emailed out in March.

We have also updated the Ticket page on our Recital Website (click on Tickets menu) with a more clearer picture on our recital format and decisions over the past 3 years (for anyone who wants to take 5 min to read it!). 

If you have not yet purchased your tickets, you can do so HERE.

Show Details

  • What show is my dancer’s class(es) in? > See Recital Assignments
  • Arrival time is 30 minutes prior to show time.
    >4:30 pm for 5:00 pm SHOW
    >6:00 pm for 6:30 pm SHOW
  • Dancers should come fully ready to go in costume/hair/make-up & bring dance shoes in a dance bag > See Recital Packing List
  • Park in the Jefferson High School Main lot and enter DOOR 1.
  • ONE parent & dancer will follow signs (immediately to the right when you come through DOOR 1) to the dressing room/cafeteria. You will drop your dancer off here.
  • ONE parent per dancer will pick up their dancer at the end of the show in the same dressing room – all dancers participate in the end of show finale, so do not pick your dancer up early!
  • Bring your recital tickets printed or have them available to pull up on your phone, so you know where your seats are.
  • VIEW SHOW ORDERS to see when your dancer performs and how long your show is.

Dress Rehearsal Week & Priority Registration

During the last week of classes, dancers should wear their recital costume to class for Dress Rehearsal Week! Parents will be invited in the last 15 min for a brief recital meeting and to watch your dancer’s recital routine(s)! Also, this week, we are opening up registration for YOU, our current families. Register during Priority Registration Week & automatically be entered to win airline tickets!

Platinum Teams

Coming up after recitals, we will be holding a free preview class for Platinum Teams! If your dancer is age 4+ and LOVES dance or you are interested in becoming more involved with accelerated training, performing/competing, being a part of a team & more – this preview class is for you!  

Learn more about Platinum Teams and sign-up for the free preview class – HERE!

Recital Videos & Music

Practice, practice, practice! You can find your dancer’s recital videos and song(s) by logging in to your parent portal. On the homepage/dashboard, scroll down to “my schedule” find your dancer’s class and click on “view resources” the video and song(s) will be linked right there – click on “view” to pull up link. 



Publish Date

April 15, 2022