WOO!! We are so excited for competition tomorrow – it has been an entire YEAR since we’ve seen these kids compete and we are ready!!!

Energy Dance Competition

Chanhassen High School
Arrive at 8PM

Costume Checklist
Packing List

Everyone should arrive dressed and ready in their first costume at 8PM. Please be on time as we will need to stretch and practice before we are on stage!

Livestream– Here is the link to livestream. Feel free to send it to anyone that wants to watch!

FINAL AWARDS– These will be livestreamed on Sunday night. They are scheduled for 6:20- although they may run early/late. I will communicate via TeamApp if I get timing updates. (Reminder that awards will follow our block and dancers are required to stay).

Masks– Make sure dancers have their black Platinum masks. *Soloists can wear a different mask for their solo if they want!

Waivers– Everyone entering the building needs a printed COVID Waiver. PRINT WAIVER HERE

Reminders for parents– CHEER LOUD!! Dancers love the energy from the crowd!
NO photo/videos are allowed in the auditorium. Feel free to take pictures in the dressing room or during awards, just not during dances! This is true for all dance competitions- so please remind anyone you bring with you (parents, grandparents, friends, siblings)

Comp #2- Applause (March 12-14)

Hyatt Regency Minneapolis
March 12-14

Our next comp is already next week!! We still don’t have a final schedule, but should have it tomorrow. I will give you a breakdown of it tomorrow night at Energy if I get by then! GOOD NEWS- it will not be as late as this week!