WOW! We are so impressed with all of the dancers at Showcase last weekend! You guys are all rockstars and we can’t wait to see these dances at competition in just 8 DAYS!!

Energy Dance Competition

We will receive our final schedule by tomorrow. I will send it as soon as I get it!
March 5-7, Chanhassen High School
We will compete ALL of our dances on Friday night. This is part of the new BLOCK format for COVID safety.
After our “block” dancers will stay for an award ceremony for individual dances. An overall award ceremony will happen Sunday night and can be livestreamed!

Reminder- dancers MUST be present in all of their classes the week before we compete. Dancers- be cautious who you are hanging out with these next few weeks as we want everyone healthy and on stage!

NEW parents- Here is a recap of our meeting from last night COMPETITION 101

Costume Checklist – Start packing!

Picture Ordering Information — It’s not too late!  

Images are now ready to view and order!!
To order images visit,
Gallery – You can use the link above to view your gallery.  Just enter the dancer’s first initial and last name as the online code (ex. Alice Smith, asmith).


Summer registration is OPEN and filling up! Summer dance is so important for our competition dancers!

Summer Schedule

Upcoming Dates

March 5-7Energy CompeititonChanhassesn High School
March 12-14Applause CompetitionHyatt Regency Minneapolis – Location Change
April 23-25Starpower CompetitionMinneapolis Convention Ceneter
May 3-8Recital WeekJefferson High School