Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! Read ahead for some updates for the coming weeks:

Zoom Classes

Our modified zoom schedule begins next week Monday, Nov 30 and runs through Thursday, Dec 17. We do expect all dancers attend online class as usual & we will be taking attendance. We are aware that “Zoom fatigue” is real and we are doing our part to keep everyone dancing, while also not overdoing it. We will just be practicing in our core teams (Petites, Junior, Teens) for now, so it is extra important to be logged on! View & save the schedule below – which includes your class LINKS + PASSWORD.

  • Zoom Schedule
  • Passwords are required to login. All class passwords are: Platinum


Costumes are set to arrive soon. We will be scheduling a curbside pickup day once they come in. Costumes will still need to be rhinestoned and ready to go 🙂


Want to support your amazing teacher(s)? Book a virtual private or semi-private lesson with them today & benefit both your dancer & our awesome staff!! Staff will be offering virtual privates for all dancers during the month of December. You will email (and pay) your instructor direct for this. We highly recommend this for soloists since they won’t be practicing this month! Rates are listed below:

Platinum Strong

Thank you for all of your patience and support as we work through this next month! The dancers and everyone’s health continues to be our #1 priority! If you have any questions or tips for us this month – email sydney@platinumdance.com