We are so impressed with all of the hard work and awesome attitudes from the dancers! Their positive energy is contagious!

Pointe/Tumbling Classes

We have had many requests from the dancers for some tumbling and pointe* classes! We would love to give your dancers these opportunities, as they will benefit them across the board in dance. Please fill out this form if your dancer is interested!

*Pointe is for TEENS only and subject to approval by Miss Molly. A specific level of strength and technique is required via audition.

Interest Form


The studio is closed next week for MEA October 14 – 18 (Wed-Sunday)
This includes all solos as well!

Solo Costumes

If you are a soloist, make sure you are working on a solo costume. Costumes tend to take longer than expected to receive, alter and rhinestone. An email was sent last week on solo costume tips!