Welcome back INTO the studio! We are so thrilled to be back and very excited to see the dancers in costume at pictures this weekend. Please read for some important updates for the coming weeks:

THIS Weekend: Picture Day (Jan 9-10)- AT EDINA

Please watch the Picture Day Details video – as it looks different this year & there are important safety protocols in place. Dancers should have FULL hair, makeup (fake lashes) and earrings – see more below!

Picture Day Detail Video
Comp Picture Schedule
Packing List 2021 — use this to ensure your dancer comes prepared for pictures & that you have everything you need for each dance. 

*Some shoes are still on back order. If you do not have the correct shoes yet don’t worry. Wear what you have for pictures or borrow from another dancer if you are comfortable with it!

Please come organized and LABEL all your items (this means everything…costumes, accessories, tights, shoes, etc.). Do not leave anything behind at pictures. Costumes are fully custom & we cannot get replacements. Use the packing list above to ensure your dancer comes prepared.

Hair and Makeup

Full hair & make-up is required for pictures – see the tutorial link below. Our makeup video disappeared from YouTube…and our videographer is searching for it & we hope to have it before pictures. In the meantime, please use the written directions the best you can.

Hair & Make-up Tutorials

Fake eyelashes can be purchased the day of at pictures if needed!

Make-Up Dates

In November we had to close and cancel: Saturday, Monday & Tuesday classes. Below are the make-up dates / times for these classes:

  • Monday Classes: Monday, Feburary 15 > Same time as usual
  • Tuesday Classes: Tuesday, February 16 > Same time as usual
  • Saturday TUMBLING Class: Saturday, January 30 > Same times as usual (12:30 and 1:30 class)

Extra Practice Weekends

Our first extra practice weekend is coming up! We will run it as scheduled on Sunday, January 24. Schedule to come soon! All dances will practice this weekend and is required.

Our second extra practice is scheduled for Feb 19-21, which is now our on-stage Showcase rehearsal.


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